Ada's Halloween Special

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Ada's Halloween Special

Post by Dungeon Master on Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:02 pm

The good father was taken in for emergency surgery on his arm and his eye, only one of which they expected to be able to save. It was more likely than not the one which wasn't a puddle of mush that had once been an appendage. One of the men there turned to the girl that had helped him in, he was a taller man, very thin and adorned with a red cassock and rosaries on his belt and wrist, with jet black hair and blue eyes. His voice was soft and tinted with a slight german accent, and his face creased with lines of worry while he spoke.

"You did vell bringing him. He vill live. For zhe most part. I doubt his arm vill make it though. Ah vell. He'll get a new vun. Though vhat kind I'm not sure at all. You should rest now, zhe men are about and zhe city has been secured. Your free to go."

The man left after he spoke, going with the tag team of doctors that carried away the Leader of their organization. Leaving only the girl in the cold room of their head quarters.

Recently busted up a few fingers. So posts will be short and to the point, that's about all I can get out. My apologize for the inconvenience but we need to start this thing.

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Re: Ada's Halloween Special

Post by Ada Koch on Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:06 am

As Ada handed off Tony to medical staff she was barred from following by a few of the men who'd stayed behind. Ada wanted to protest but the look in the eyes of the men who'd stopped her said there was no room for argument on their judgement. So bitterly Ada backed down and trudged back to the waiting room outside of the main corridor leading to the infirmary. After a short period of waiting she was greeted by a man garbed in a red cassock covered with rosaries. The look of worry on the man's face placed a seed of worry in the pit of Ada's stomach as well. She opened her mouth to speak but shut it as the man spoke first cutting off any of her words before they could even be said.

Ada let out a sigh of relief as the man assured her that Tony would survive his injuries but her relief was accompanied by a twang of guilt as the man informed her that it was unlikely that his arm could be saved and that it would be likely replaced by some sort of substitute. The image of Tony walking about with some sort of prosthetic with a hook on the end passed through her mind. After his brief report on Tony's status the man urged her to get some rest dismissing her before leaving to follow the small party of doctors that had whisked away Tony to surgery.

Ada was left alone in the waiting room and for a moment she simply stood in the center of the room her head downturned and her eyes gazing at the floor as the seed of worry and guilt seemed to sprout in the pit of her stomach. "I need another smoke..." Ada muttered rubbing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose before leaving the waiting room. On her way out of the building she stopped briefly to ask a few passer-bys for some method of setting fire. Most of her inquiries were met with the common question of "Why would you need something for lighting fire?". Upon saying it was so she could get a does of nicotine from her pack of cigarettes most of the people she asked simply left her alone with her longing for a smoke.

It wasn't until she told one of the bastards she needed it to light some kind of ceremonial incense where she finally managed to get ahold of a lighter. With lighter in hand she soon found herself sitting against a wall outside of the building a lit cigarette hanging from her lips with smoke lazily drifting into the air from the tip.

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