Mexican Dragon in America (Mission for STRENGTH and Achi-- Megali)

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Re: Mexican Dragon in America (Mission for STRENGTH and Achi-- Megali)

Post by STRENGTH on Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:12 pm

"!" he screeched, taking out a phone to try and call his superiors, but received no signal underground in a room lined with concrete. Hot or not, he wasn't really prepared to fight someone who just kicked a dragon's ass over the chance at scoring. He'd probably lost a promotion, though. They could have weaponized it. Anyone would kill for an attack dragon in their basement.

The cyborg sat on the ground, arms in disrepair. Her left arm refused to grasp anything, the rotating ball on the right having locked in place. The shock absorbers were melted, too. She needed a mechanic.


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Re: Mexican Dragon in America (Mission for STRENGTH and Achi-- Megali)

Post by Achilles on Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:22 pm

Despite Wilhelm's whines of complaint, it appeared as if he was finally prepared to relent after attempting to make use of the small device he carried in his pocket. Though the exact mechanics of how it operated were still a mystery, Megali had seen several people in the base make use of them to communicate with others over long distances. For whatever reason, it seemed as if it was unable to function within the dragon's dwelling place. Evidently, the gods were with Megali once more, ensuring that no outside forces would interfere with her claiming her prize.

While Wilhelm continued to fumble with the small machine, the Greek woman strode past him and took hold of her other axe before finally driving it into the back of the dragon woman. The ancient creature twitched once before finally coming to a silent rest with no sign of breathing. Satisfied that the enemy was sufficiently dead, Megali withdrew her weapon before turning to Wilhelm once again, her expression only partly softened.

"Attempt to steal my spoils again and I will take my pound of flesh from you," she said, matter of factly before abruptly flicking the lustful baseball player between the eyes with her forefinger.

With Wilhelm dealt with, Megali was finally free to collect her prize in the form of a large section of the dragon woman's toga, torn from her unmoving remains to serve as a trophy of the adventure.

"There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out and through. Therefore there can be no understanding between you and me, nor may there be any covenants between us, till one or other shall fall."


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