Elena Xiao (WIP)

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Elena Xiao (WIP)

Post by Kheda Dudaev on Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:04 am

Name: Elena Abigail Xiao

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Organization: Quick Silver Security Industries (Unaffiliated unless I can create an official organization.)

Rank: CEO

Appearance: (What your character looks like, including clothing.)

Equipment: (What your character prefers to use in combat. Special weapons are acceptable, but magical weapons are frowned upon and require much explanation. The same can be said about more outlandish science-based equipment. Also includes any items worth mentioning your character has on hand.)

Abilities: (The ability of your character befitting his/her/its race.)

Personality: (Everything that makes your character unique. How they feel, act, present themselves, think, etc.)

Biography: (Your character's life, from beginning to the current time. Note: Characters cannot be born as supernatural creatures.)

Sample: (A short sample of how you intend to play. A practice roleplay can take the place of a sample. Only required for first time members, optional for all others.)
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